10 Unusual Flooring Materials for the Bedroom

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The bedroom is a great space for design experimentation. After all, it’s a space that is solely yours. And while you may have already covered the basics like furniture and beddings, bedroom floors are an often overlooked design component that needs more attention. It’s an essential part of any room and there is so much you can do with it beyond what is conventionally used.

Here are 10 unusual floorings that you can try out in your bedroom:

epoxy floor bedroom st louis

#1 Eucalyptus Hardwood

Hardwood is a pretty basic flooring material, but it’s also timeless and iconic for the bedroom. If you don’t want to get something common like oak, consider eucalyptus hardwood floors. Not only is it environmentally-friendly and affordable (for a hardwood), but it also makes for an elegantly dark wooden floor.

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#2 Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors were developed for warehouses and high-traffic areas like the garage, but they’ve become popular for indoor flooring in recent years. They are remarkably strong floors that are also-stain resistant and easy to clean. And because they are simply applied on top of any existing floor, they are also budget-friendly.

Epoxy floors are also customizable depending on what kind of color and finish you want. They’re a fun and unexpected flooring material for bedrooms that are also durable and low-maintenance.

#3 Concrete

If you’re looking for a modern and industrial look for your bedroom, a concrete floor is a durable and long-lasting choice. It can also be customized with stamping and staining according to the general look you’re trying to achieve in your bedroom.

tile floor epoxy st louis

#4 Tile

Banish all thoughts of tile only being suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. Especially if you live somewhere with a hot climate, tiled floors in the bathroom are a cool and elegant way of keeping the entire room chilly.

#5 Cork

Cork is perfect for the bedroom because it is a surprisingly soft and cushiony flooring material that is comfortable underfoot. It is also an environmentally-friendly and natural material, but you will have to be careful with it because of its vulnerability to water damage and heat.

cowhide rug epoxy floor st louis

#6 Cowhide Rug

No matter what kind of flooring you currently have in your bedroom, a cowhide rug placed overtop it will instantly elevate the entire look of the bedroom. It is also extremely comfortable under your feet and creates an interesting visual piece in the bedroom.

clay tile epoxy floor st louis

#7 Clay Tile Floors

Clay tiles bring an earthy tone to the bedroom that keeps the space warm and cozy. They also have a rustic charm to them that many people enjoy. They can come bare and textured or pre-glazed for protection against moisture and heat.

travertine epoxy floor st louis

#8 Travertine Stone

Travertine is a kind of limestone that is found in deposits near mineral and hot springs. It is a durable material that comes in a variety of colors. They’re a popular choice for stone flooring because of their versatility, but they’re also a costly option for flooring. If you have the budget, however, then it gives a gorgeous look to the bedroom.

carpet floor st louis

#9 Carpet

If you’re looking to bring warmth to your bedroom, carpets are a classic way of decorating your bedroom floors that have fallen out of style in recent years. They come in a variety of types and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. Silk and wool carpets are particularly popular for the bedroom.

rubber floor st louis

#10 Rubber

Rubber is a durable and surprisingly soft flooring material that has become popular for indoor use. It is a sound-proof flooring material that comes in a range of colors. If you’re looking for the most unconventional bedroom floor material, rubber floors may certainly be it.

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