Epoxy Essentials: Top Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is well-loved among hardcore construction. Buildings, transport edifices, high-rise towers, and aeronautical materials formed an unbreakable affair with epoxy. Then, in recent years the flooring market has also cemented its bond with epoxy coating floor coatings St Louis. Now, innovative floors surface. It does not only bring creative floors among commercial properties but to residential spaces as well.

What are the top uses of epoxy?

Epoxy is a broader term for many of its uses. It can refer to an adhesive for buildings, paint, and coatings for various surfaces that need protection.

man using epoxy as adhesive for concrete


When epoxy first greeted the industrial world, it was used to bind dense and heavy objects. Epoxy is applied on massive surfaces that require a lasting bond between them.

The following are where epoxy is used as adhesive:

    • Building walls
    • Posts
    • Cornerstones
    • Railings
    • Stairs
    • Steel reinforcements
    • Underground posts
    • Glass windows
    • Wood
epoxy mortar floor


The popular flooring King falls under this use. An epoxy floor is a coating system on concrete surfaces. Applying a resinous layer makes the concrete floors super strong, sturdy, and resistant to different kinds of damages.

A coating can be applied as a thin film sealant or a thick layer like an overlay. The resinous mixture holds on the solid surface for a long time. Covering the porous cement slab and creating a monolithic structure on the ground.

The floor, which is upgraded with epoxy, also creates the most beneficial flooring system. The innovative floors include the following benefits:

    • Polished, super-resistant floor
    • Chemical-resistant 
    • Stain-resistant
    • Customizable designs
    • Water-proof floors
man applying light blue epoxy paint on the floor


Have you heard of epoxy paint? It is often confused with an epoxy coating for concrete floors. A water-based paint enhanced with epoxy is like an upgraded standard paint.

A water-based epoxy paint functions as a regular paint commonly used among walls, floors, and other construction areas. This is the material that is used for painting metal and steel parts to prevent corroding and rusting.

man applying epoxy coating and sealing it on concrete floor


Aside from the concrete floor, epoxy also serves as a protective coating to many other materials:

    • Pipelines
    • Electronic wirings
    • Underground tubes and ducts
    • Steel and metal materials
    • Building exteriors
    • Glass walls
    • Wooden floors
    • Structural joints

Most epoxy coatings are used among indoor materials. One of the epoxy’s downsides is that it gets brittle under the sun. That is why most epoxy flooring systems are used for enclosed garages.

Today a flexible-grade epoxy is now available. This upgrade allows the epoxy to be used for outdoor coatings. A driveway, patio, and pool decks can get a quick refinishing when applied with a top film of epoxy coating.

white epoxy countertop applied on the kitchen table


From the floors up to the walls and roofs, epoxy enhances the structural nature of any material. It also enhances every type of surface. This is why a product that is growing in popularity today is epoxy countertops and tables.

Countertops upgraded with epoxy coating are popular among commercial kitchens. With this smooth and sturdy surface, even residential properties are getting hooked on this.

Final Thought

In summary, knowing now the top uses of epoxy will convince you that this material is truly superior. You can now go and scour your local suppliers for available epoxy products that can help you fix a specific home or business space improvement.

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