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For those with older concrete floors with surface cracks and other signs of deterioration and age, you may find a worthy solution in our epoxy slurry service at Epoxy Flooring St Louis. We specialize in restoring older floors and transforming them into luxury functional flooring solutions that can keep up with you. Instead of resorting to replacing floors, we always strive to find imaginative and innovative solutions to flooring problems that save you money and make your life easier!

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What Is An Epoxy Slurry?

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If you’re faced with old concrete floors that have seen their fair share of wear and tear, know that this is not the end for them. With recent innovations in resurfacing concrete, improving upon old concrete floors is normal and can give flawless results that will look and act like brand new. This can all be done with epoxy slurry.

Epoxy slurry is a special mixture of epoxy with aggregates like sand, silica, or slurry powder. At Epoxy Flooring St Louis, we mix our own epoxy slurry using only the best available epoxy on the market and specialized slurry powder that has been proven to be extremely durable and trustworthy. This combination of two materials creates an epoxy slurry, which is thicker, denser, and has an opaque appearance.

When this epoxy slurry is troweled onto the surface of the concrete floor, the thick material acts as a resurfacer that, when dried, gives the concrete floor a new surface. But this isn’t just any kind of new surface – it is one made of epoxy, a far more superior product than concrete. With better durability, longevity, and a wide range of design options, epoxy should be the first choice for your next flooring.

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Epoxy Slurry Floors Benefits


You may be asking yourself “how much stronger can epoxy slurry really make my floors?”. The answer? A lot more. Epoxy is one of the strongest and most resilient materials found in the market, and it performs like it even when it is only a layer on top of a floor. But an epoxy slurry floor also has the added benefit of the strength that comes from aggregates like sand and slurry powder, which add toughness to the epoxy. The result is a floor that is incredibly strong and resilient against weight and pressure. It completely transforms your old concrete surfaces.


If you are looking to fix old concrete surfaces, you may be worried about the longevity of the prospective solutions. So if you’re looking for floor coating that won’t crack and won’t wear down for decades, epoxy slurry floor coating is the way to go. Because the material is so durable, the floors last longer and do so in better conditions. That means that while resurfacing is usually a temporary solution, it is more permanent when it is done with decorative concrete epoxy slurry.


It is no surprise to us that you are probably concerned about the price of epoxy slurry floor coating. After all, we have been taught to understand any kind of remodeling of floors as expensive and we all have budgets to follow. Fortunately, however, installing this kind of floor is incredibly affordable and cost-effective. It is far cheaper than ripping up all the concrete in your floors to replace them (especially for a large space). But while it may be a little more expensive than other resurfacing options, you should keep in mind the fact that epoxy slurry floors last for a long time and need little maintenance. That means that your overall costs are far lower.

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