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Are you looking for an industrial-build heavy-duty flooring system that can handle high traffic and serious wear? At Epoxy Flooring St Louis, we specialize in installing epoxy mortar floors with our signature 5-layer technology. These floors are the strongest on the market. And if you’re looking for durable floors for commercial and industrial properties, you won’t find a better deal than the one we offer for epoxy mortar installations.

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What Is An Epoxy Mortar Floor

epoxy mortar floor

Epoxy mortar floors combine two extremely strong components – epoxy and a mortar mixture made of sand and other aggregates. This makes the flooring extremely resilient and perfect for commercial and industrial properties that need floors that won’t give up on them.
We install epoxy mortar floors with a 5-layer process that is designed to target vulnerabilities in other flooring and offer unique and efficient floors at affordable rates. This treated concrete-primer-mortar base-seal coat-topcoat layering technology offers the best of flooring solutions in one complete package.
Our mortar flooring system is USDA compliant and high-build. It is also impact-resistant, water-resistant, chemical-resistant, and wear-resistant. We also offer a range of customization options in anti-bacterial properties and in the range of colors and designs we offer to go alongside your new flooring.

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Epoxy Mortar Flooring Installation

Prepare the concrete

As with all our other epoxy services, we begin by inspecting and preparing the lowermost base layer of the system – the concrete. For epoxy mortar to adhere properly, the concrete base needs to be at least 28 days old and porous. We clean and dry the concrete floors thoroughly, making sure it is free of dust, oil, grease, and anything else that could interfere with the application of epoxy. We then test for moisture on the clean floors and if the result falls within the accepted range, we proceed with repairing any cracks in the concrete with our epoxy patching compound. This step ensures a clean and complete base layer for our epoxy mortar system.

Install a cove

Coves are important to install in industrial properties where we usually install epoxy mortar because it provides a  smooth continuous surface from floor to wall, creating a tight seal for hygienic purposes. Generally, we install coves up to 6 inches high, but it can be customized to the desired height.

Apply primer

An epoxy primer is applied once the concrete is prepared. We use an epoxy primer that penetrates the surface of the concrete to make sure the concrete’s pores are filled in with durable epoxy primer. While the epoxy is still wet (but not puddling on the surface), we apply the mortar layer.

Apply mortar layer

We mix the mortar on site, mixing epoxy and our special sand aggregate together to form a thick and dense mortar layer. This is trowelled onto the wet primer to allow proper adhesion between the two layers. When it has completely dried and the epoxy underneath has cured, we sand and grind the surface to correct any imperfections.

Apply a seal coat

To make sure the mortar, epoxy, and concrete are locked in, we apply a seal coat on the floor and on the cove. This seal coat also serves as the first layer of pigment if you are looking to add color to your epoxy mortar floor.

Apply the topcoat
The topcoat can serve a number of functions depending on your flooring needs. Generally, a topcoat is the final layer of color to impart the look you want on your floors. But we also use a polyaspartic coat which is a non-yellowing and high gloss topcoat that provides a great amount of additional wear resistance.
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