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Are your floors in need of a major design and function update? Metallic coatings epoxy are available in St. Louis MO through your friendly experts at Epoxy Flooring St Louis! We specialize in custom luxury flooring for residential, commercial, and industrial properties that are looking for concrete flooring systems that are high-build and high-quality. This type of epoxy floor instantly inject style and functionality into any space, so don’t hesitate to get them from the best and most trusted in the business.

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Epoxy Metallic Floors St Louis Installation

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Epoxy coating metallic floors are similar to regular epoxy floor coatings in structure. The epoxy is made up of the same 2-part system of resins and hardeners that makes floor coatings so efficient. When combined, the resins and hardeners cure to form an incredibly strong material that has popularly been used on industrial floors. These days, however, epoxy floor coatings can be found almost anywhere in all kinds of styles and colors.
These epoxy floor coatings are made metallic by the inclusion of metallic glitter aggregates before it is spread over the surface. Because it is incorporated into the epoxy before the application, the glitters are evenly distributed throughout the floors, unlike other methods where the glitter is roughly broadcast over the surface.
These epoxy floors can come in many styles as both components of the flooring system are customizable. For the base epoxy, you can choose among a wide range of colors and finishes. And for the glitter, you can choose among a range of colorways and sizes to make sure you can get the flooring you want.

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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Durability and strength
Epoxy flooring got its reputation as a dependable flooring system because of its incredible durability and strength, which is unlike anything else on the market. Epoxy’s durability is so great that it is the preferred and recommended flooring material for industrial and manufacturing properties. This strength means that you never have to worry about denting or cracking your floors under great weight and pressure.

Because epoxy floors are so strong and resistant, it has a longer lifespan than most other flooring materials like decorative concrete and stone. While it is a feat for other flooring materials to reach the age of 10, it is normal and even expected for epoxy to last for longer than that. That means that when you have your floors installed with us, you don’t have to worry about your epoxy metallic floor wearing down and needing a replacement.


Aside from its strength, epoxy flooring is also popular for its stain-resistance, which can save you a lot in time as well as maintenance costs. They are resistant against dirt, oil, grease, and other stains that might otherwise affect other flooring materials. This means they are also incredibly easy to clean, with most epoxy only needing a damp mop once a week.

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We install custom flooring that can stand up to any task you put it to. Our crew has been installing epoxy flooring metallic coating for over a decade, so you don’t have to worry about inexperienced and sloppy work.

As a bonded, insured, and licensed epoxy garage floor and concrete resurfacing contractor St Louis, we can ensure a safe and worry-free service that won’t break the bank or hold you liable for any accidents or mistakes that could naturally happen during any job. We also offer epoxy garage floor services and more!

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