Leveling Up the Floors Out of the Ordinary: More of 3D Epoxy

You are probably here wondering what’s all the fuss about 3d epoxy floors is? It sounds like a fun idea to add to your homes. If you have checked on the previous blogs, you will learn about the 3D epoxy flooring cost and its benefits. 


It does not only fit your garage floors, but now you can also have a piece of artistic floor anywhere you want.

Look up the step-by-step guide to 3D epoxy floor installation from the blog on this site, and you will see the creative spirit in you. Sure, 3d floors drive your imagination wild! Think of any image you want to display in a room. Popping images, the water moving, or the outer space swirling. The sky is not the limit!

What is 3D Epoxy: Simplified


3D epoxy is one of the most incredible and most advanced floor coating methods that use resin floor coating. Think of your bed floating through a waterfall or floating with stars in the galaxy? Get your eyes wide open as you read the parts of 3d floorings.

Parts of the 3D Floors

There are three essential layers for installing 3d flooring designs. What you will need are:

  • Base flooring – the first part is the bedding or the layer that consists of the primary materials or slab of the entire flooring system. The base flooring materials can be concrete flooring or an existing epoxy floor. 


You may have a polished clear epoxy for the garage, but now you want an upgrade into dynamic patterns with three-dimensional designs.


  • Design coating – here comes the three-dimensional effect with your design coat. This process is where you can also have creative freedom.


You will need to use digital printing at this stage. Either you design or produce your layout of images. Say, for example, your business’s brand identity, yes you got that right you can print your company’s logo and use it as the flooring design. 

Final coating – the last part of your 3D floors is the final coating. But isn’t it enough that you finish the floor with the design? No. Of course, you need to seal the printed image. A final step called micro-film coating is applied, or also called.

epoxy floor coating

Imagine the final coating as the printing of the old film to the last photo. A film coating creates a protective layer on the surface to prevent the image from peeling or fading.

Is 3D Floor Worth It?

But now, why 3d floorings? With epoxy, you can produce hundreds and thousands of designs that you can imagine. But there are more with the special effects floor.

  • 3D floors are the only flooring method that can create multi-dimensional floors.
  • Optical illusion floors are perfect for building attraction in your commercial space.
  • 3D epoxy flooring will add value to your business space and residential properties as well.

How Much Does it Cost for 3D Flooring?


As you get convinced with 3d floors, you might now be wondering if you should go for 3D floors. Having a unique and colorful flooring design sounds too expensive. The pressing question, though, is, “How much does it cost for 3D flooring?” 

The national average cost of 3D epoxy floors is $10 to $20 per square foot. It will cost a bit higher for smaller areas like a bedroom. So, it would be best if you decided wisely to get more of the advantage of 3D epoxy floors. 


Epoxy flooring St. Louis is worth it if you plan them efficiently. Choose a place in your property or homes where it will serve you best. 


Lastly, if you still have doubts and ask, “Does 3D epoxy floor last?” then the only sure answer to this is YES! All things considered, epoxy flooring with innovative designs is a valuable investment, so make sure to work with expert flooring installers to build your floors, start to finish.


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