Achieve Industrial-Chic Interiors with Epoxy Coatings


The industrial-chic aesthetic has made its mark in the interior design world. Industrial interior design was initially intended for converting industrial structures into residential spaces. Back then, it was a smart, practical and stylish way to repurpose industrial structures that would otherwise be of no use. Now, it’s become an aesthetic that’s made its way into lofts, houses and even commercial spaces like restaurants.

A defining element of the industrial-chic aesthetic is how it turns neutrality from dull to captivating. You’ll see this with the dominant color palettes and materials seen in the design. Color palettes are mostly composed of minimal hues in multiple shades. Grays, blacks, whites, and browns come to play. Materials such as concrete, metal, and wood naturally exude these colors.

Although this aesthetic has been around for a while now, it’s never too late to jump in on the action. Using it as an inspiration for your own interiors while giving it personal twists is a great way to start. If it’s still a bit overwhelming because of the endless possibilities you can achieve, we suggest you begin with flooring.

Epoxy Coatings for Industrial Inspired Floors

Aside from the walls and the ceiling, floors take up a lot of the space in interiors. It only makes sense to focus on it first like starting from the ground up. When it comes to flooring, epoxy coatings are an ideal choice.

Those who want the raw and unfinished look of bare concrete can have a clear epoxy coating applied on the concrete surface. This gives it a more polished look and serves as a durable protective layer for a smooth and seamless surface.

All-white floors with a reflective sheen can also be achieved through epoxy coatings. This gives other industrial design elements a canvass to really shine through. Bright bursts of color in furnishing and other decors against white floors can make an eye-catching design statement.

To contrast, the unfinished look of industrial design, marbled or metallic epoxy flooring is a great option. Keep everything else lowkey with an air of neutrality while giving the floors a lavish flair. This makes for a well-thought-out design that’s sure to leave anyone in awe.

The industrial-chic design aesthetic can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to striking the right balance between utilitarian elements and comfort. Wrong choices can result in a too harsh to live in feel. Thankfully, the versatility of epoxy coatings provides you a good place to start. To know more about the advantages and applications of epoxy coatings, visit our homepage.

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