How to Increase Your Properties’ Value with Basement Redo?

Most of the time, basements are undermined. Yet, it plays a functional space to any owner’s house as a storage area. On the flip side, a basement can be emptied out. Then, turn its floors around to give it more space for a fabulous function room.

You can find a much more comfy spot that sparks joy below the stairs. Add to it a basement epoxy floor St. Louis. In doing so, you will not be staring anymore at a creepy cellar with cobwebs hanging out. Wait no more for Halloween to make it see some jack-o-lantern lights. If you want your properties to increase in value, do not undermine spaces like the basement or cellars. Remodel it.

To begin doing so, take note of ways to pique innovativeness in you. Get a new lens to give a new look to your underground spaces at home or any profitable space. Practical basement remodel tips ahead!

basement for storage

Have Your Basement Redone with These Four Easy Ways

1- Get Organized for Storage

What else can you use the cellars for? Nothing else but storage! Level up your goal and make organized storage.

Not because you are using the space for hiding and sheltering keepsakes, you leave the place in a mess. The common issue is that the storage room turns out to be a trash bin after some time. But it does not have to remain this way for you.

The real cause of the mess in the cellar is the way you put old stuff in. Get organized and allot boxes for all sorts of items. That is just the first step. Now, what are you going to do next?

2- Sort to Store

Sorting is essential. Be that as it may, sorting remains a hard skill to master. Do not deny it. Everyone had got some sorting issues to deal with, too.

Are you familiar with Marie Kondo? Yes. The famous author of “Spark Joy.” Indeed spark your sorting prowess once you get inspired to discipline and convince yourself of this new skill.

Below are simple tips to consider:

    • Take out items from the inside out. 
    • Name according to types of items. Is it books? Cloths? Home decors? And etc.! 
    • Do not be afraid to throw unused things. Learn to let go. A golden sorting rule is that if you have not used the item in three years, it’s time to give it away.

The thought of giving your pre-loved items away reduces your separation anxiety! Scared to throw them away? Then give them out as hand-me-downs for another person to use.

3- Polish the Concrete Floors

After you have sorted out the items and put some things out, a clear basement now greets you! This time, floor resurfacing might be handy to do. Repair and polish the concrete steps that had been hidden for a long time.

Did you know that the floors are the sole key to increasing a property’s value despite it being stepped on every time? Business and real estate experts highly recommend repairing and improving flooring systems. A buyer of the home is advised as well to look on this keystone. A ruptured or cracked concrete is a big eyesore. It also leads to resell downfall.

Clients say no when they figure out that they need to spend a major budget repairing the floors. It is no wonder why many concrete contractors specialize in resurfacing.

4- Let there be Lights!

Brighten up your basement! A well-polished concrete floor in an underground space is best matched with bright lights! You can modify it by using dim yellow lights for a subtle effect. The choice is yours.

polished concrete basement floors

The important thing is to work on all the steps mentioned above little by little. Complete it with a light attached to the ceiling. The reason why you neglect the cellar is that you left it in the dark so often. But, before you can sort and store it in an orderly manner, you need to see clearly what is in it! So, add lights!

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