Best Garage Floor Coatings: 4 Popular Choices For You

Garage areas are one of the most productive spaces among residential and commercial properties. This is where cracks, stains, and other irregularities on floors are common. To protect the concrete flooring, a garage epoxy flooring St Louis offers a solution.

Epoxy coatings best suit garage floors. These enhance the floor’s aesthetic quality amidst being exposed to grease and grimy stains. Then, the floors will increase strength, too, making a highly-resistant surface.

Here are four popular epoxy flooring for a garage makeover.

epoxy flake floor up close
epoxy slurry floors

1- Flaked Epoxy

Flaked epoxy creates a unique and distinct style on the floors. With flaked chip paints on the top coating, the floors pop up with a colorful top layer. This flooring type suits commercial spaces for instantly bringing the floor’s design to the next level.

The flaked patterns are achieved through casting the chip paints over the epoxy coating mixture. As the additives set in the epoxy coating, it emerges colorful flaky or dotted-like patterns on the surface. This technique produces coarse to fine flakes that colors and designs the concrete floors.

2- Clear Epoxy Coating

The simplest and quickest way to style the garage floors is through a clear epoxy coating. If you prioritize making a polished and even surface, the clear coating offers the best solution.

This coating product is best suited for your preference if you would only like to revive the garage floor’s polished look. The clear coat offers resistance to the flooring system, protecting it from stains, impacts, and heavy foot traffic.

3- Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Elegance and garage areas may sound off together, but it is possible with epoxy garage floors. You achieve an elegant garage flooring using metallic epoxy.

This flooring technique offers you a metal-like sheen that makes the concrete floor looks stunning. You can finish the concrete floors with a dual-metallic tone or a monotone. When using dual colors, the patterns will create morphing, iridescent designs that shine.

Metallic epoxy is perfect for garages, especially if the area needs an additional source of brightness.

4- Garage Epoxy-Paint

Paints are traditional coating materials. These are also practical for use among garage areas. If you need a constant change of coating, paints are the solution for you. This is way more practical than epoxy or acrylic-based coatings. Paints are cheaper, so you can have your garages resealed at a reasonable price for refinishing regularly.

metallic epoxy floor garage
epoxy mortar flooring system

In addition, some paints are enhanced with epoxy or resin materials. They provide a more dense surface like a standard pure-resin coating does. When choosing epoxy-paint, be sure to not mistake it for the epoxy floor coating, which is a pure-solid coating material. Paints are water-based, even if they have resin enhancers.

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