The 411 on Epoxy Garage Fails: Can you epoxy over epoxy?

From the previous post, you learned that epoxy removal is possible when the concrete coating fails. This time find out the scenarios of why epoxy turns out a disaster and how to remove epoxy flooring specifically in your garage area.

Damaged Epoxy

Basic Steps on Removing and Recoating Epoxy Flooring on Your Garages

If you have old garage floors, you may now need some remodeling. St Louis epoxy is the standard flooring among local residences’ garages. While the epoxy garage floors promise durability and lasting polished surfaces, the floor coating might already fade and needs resealing or recoating. 

You may decide to completely depart from the epoxy or use multi-system flooring with more than one type of material. Or enhance the garage space with a more UV stable flooring like the polyurea floors.


Here are the basic steps to follow when you need to recoat or remove epoxy from a cured epoxy flooring.

man removing epoxy on concrete flooring1- GRINDING

Grinding is the first step to prep the floor after cleaning and washing it. Expert epoxy flooring installer uses a specialized grinding tool that can rip off metal and paint from any thick surface. 

2- Polish the Floor

The first step is to clean and polished the old or damaged epoxy floor. Then, depending on the flooring condition, you may use caustic strippers, solvent solution, or acid washing the surface. 

The reason for this step is that you want the surface to be clear from any residue of the old coating. You will recoat epoxy over epoxy or use entirely new material. The surface needs to be clean and polished for the new coating to adhere correctly.

3- Power Washing

Once finished grinding, wash the surface for the second time. Ensure that there will be no debris, oils, or chemicals left on the surface. You may now proceed with coating. However, some cases will reveal to you that the underlying contrite may need repair. Cracks may surface, and hidden damages on the flooring will now greet you. 

Go over with repairs first before taking on reacting with proxy or other floor coatings.

4- Repair if necessary

5- Polish once again

6- Dry and prep the floor for a new coating

The first one to three steps is the basic. If you will notice, epoxy removal is not all that easy. Take it from the experts. Some actions may need repetition to make sure the old existing flooring is clear from signs format the past. Call the pros if unsure how you will recoat your epoxy garage floors.

Reasons Why To Epoxy Over Epoxy

Epoxy flooring coat tearing


Floor damage can be man-made or can be caused by natural phenomena. For example, a floor sealed with epoxy has three times more strength than ordinary concrete flooring. SO, you may consider that cracks and repairs won’t be that much bothered. However, there will be instances that movement from the ground causes the flooring above to cracks or acquire holes on the surface. 

Also, accidents may occur. If you got your epoxy floors among industrial facilities, then the foundations are prone to heavy wear and tear. Heavy machinery may scrape the floor coating with the constant push and pull over the correct surface type. Heavy tools may also keep o falling down the ground that can hasten the floor’s wearing off.

Faulty Epoxy Application

One of epoxy’s common mistakes is faulty installation. Instead of removing the epoxy floor when this happens, why not recoat it instead. Yes, applying epoxy to an already cured epoxy as possible. Check out pour previous post.

Design Mistake

Another reason why you want to know how to remove epoxy flooring is when you decide to change the flooring patterns or designs. For example, you may have previously used metallic epoxy, but now you want to change it to clear the epoxy floor coating.

When your epoxy is too old

When an epoxy flooring is too old, you can either recoat it or install a new epoxy layer over it. This is also what you do when you need to epoxy over cured epoxy. There are two ways to address this. One is wet on dry, and then the other is dry on dry.

Talk about first when the cured epoxy turned out to be too old. You probably decided to change the coating to look undesirable, and you need to update or upgrade your flooring design.

epoxy flooring damaged
Replacing Unprofessionally Installed Epoxy

One of the common epoxy myths is DIY epoxy. Some users do their epoxy flooring. While this process is more budget-friendly, the result, however, will cost you more. In addition, you might need more than repair. DIY epoxy is best for temporary fixes. But in due time, most users resort to a professional installer at the end of the day.

Replacement costs much the same as installing new epoxy floors. It involves the exact amount of process and time. SO better choose wisely if you need DIY or opt for experts to install the floor.

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