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Are you facing cracks, pits, and other depressions on your residential and commercial concrete floors or garage floors? Throw away the often ineffective repair putty that you buy at the stores and instead call Epoxy Flooring St Louis today for an innovative technique that offers a permanent patching solution for cracks and signs of wear and tear. Our epoxy patching compound is a unique formula that immediately repairs concrete to give you floors that look and act as though they are brand new.

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Epoxy Patching Compound Service

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To understand what an epoxy patching compound is and why it is so effective to use for cracks and pits, you will first need to know about the main ingredient in the compound: epoxy. Epoxy is a two-part system made of resins and hardeners. Individually, these two things don’t do much for flooring purposes. But once combined, they undergo a chemical reaction where the two components bind to form a stronger material that cures to become something similar to plastic. That end result is epoxy and it is a popular flooring material because of how durable it is.

But while we do believe that epoxy is a great flooring material for residential, commercial, and even industrial properties, we also know that epoxy can also have great results as a patching compound.

Epoxy can be used between cracks and to fill in pits and depressions on your floors. It dries to be a permanent, water-proof, and stain-resistant filler. It is these qualities that make epoxy patching the only permanent crack solution for concrete floors. Unlike other patching materials, it will not wear or crumble off after a few years of use.

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Where Can You Use Epoxy Patching Compound

Epoxy patching is popularly used on, but not limited to:
Cracks in concrete surfaces
It is an indisputable fact that all concrete will eventually crack. This is because of the way concrete contracts and expands according to the temperature it is facing as well as moisture present in the air. When it expands and contracts enough times, cracks will begin to take shape on the surface. Fortunately, unless the cracks run deep and are large, they can be remedied with epoxy patching compounds, which are filled into the cracks. When dry, the epoxy compound creates a permanent joining bond between the pieces of concrete that have cracked open.

In flooring, pitting refers to depressions on the floor where concrete has broken away and left behind small pits. These pits should be filled in immediately as they can pose risks to safety. People can trip over them and hurt themselves, especially so for children and the elderly. When you start to see signs of pitting on your floors, call Epoxy Flooring St Louis immediately to solve the problem. We use our special epoxy patching compound to fill in dangerous pits and bind the crumbling concrete together to prevent further pitting.

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