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Improve your residential and commercial garage floor with epoxy flake floors that can do the job up to three times better! Made with a 3-part flooring system that combines the strongest materials on the market, we are able to provide you with high-build flooring that combines style and functionality in one package. As insured, licensed, and bonded contractors in St Louis MO, Epoxy Flooring St Louis can ensure a smooth and worry-free flooring installation.

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Epoxy Chip Floors Installation

Epoxy flake floors are distinct in that they combine the power of not just one but three individual flooring materials: epoxy, vinyl, and polyaspartic. When installing epoxy flake floors, our expert crew members at Epoxy Flooring St Louis follow a tried-and-tested method that always leaves the most fabulous flawless finish:

Complete the prep work
When installing any kind of epoxy floor coatings, the prep work is half the job. Whether or not it has been done right determines how well the epoxy will stick to the floor underneath and how it will perform in the long-run.

To prepare the surface for the installation, we first make sure the concrete slab is in good and proper condition. This means repairing cracks, checking for moisture, and making sure the surface is perfectly level. We then clean and remove any stains or dirt on the floor. We also remove any sealers or topcoats that were applied to the concrete surfaces at this point.
Apply epoxy floor basecoat
We use only epoxy coatings of the highest quality. This ensures that the epoxy floor basecoat will not peel off, fade, or turn yellow – all of which are possible with cheaper epoxies. Generally, our epoxy basecoat will be clear and layered on in one or two coats for maximum protection. This creates the first layer of the triple-layer flooring system.
Broadcast vinyl chips

Vinyl makes up the second layer of epoxy flake floors. We use vinyl chips for an added stylistic dimension and to make it easier for the vinyl to soak up the epoxy we applied underneath. You can choose from a broad variety of colors as well as two sizes for the chips. While the epoxy floor coating is still wet, we evenly distribute the vinyl chips to make sure every inch is covered. When dried, we flatten the layer and remove any excess chips.

Apply the polyaspartic topcoat

To finish off our signature epoxy flake flooring, we apply a layer of polyaspartic to seal in the two other layers and provide even more protection and durability to your floors. Polyaspartic is resilient and UV-stable, making it a good candidate for topcoat application for spaces both indoors and outdoors. We apply an even coat of clear polyaspartic carefully with a squeegee to make sure there are no marks or bubbles. And voila! Your epoxy flake floors have been installed. Wait at least24 hours before using the floors.

epoxy floor coating
epoxy flake floor
epoxy chip floors

Epoxy Floors Maintenance

With your newly installed epoxy flake floors installed, how should you be taking care of them? Fortunately, epoxy floors are very easy to take care of. This is because of epoxy’s great stain-resistance and anti-bacterial properties, which make sure that dirt, dust, and spills do not stick to the surface. To clean epoxy floors, you can schedule a weekly cleaning with a wet mop to keep your garage floors gleaming and perfectly clean! But generally, a dry mop can be used to mop up any spills.

And if you are looking to make sure your flakes epoxy garage floor are always in tip-top shape, we can reseal the floors every year. We also install metallic epoxy floors and more!

Ideal for your garage floor, get strong and reliable epoxy floors with Epoxy Flooring St Louis. Call (314) 282-9574 today to learn more about decorative concrete epoxy floor coating!

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