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You may have heard about the pains and the trouble it takes to remove epoxy flooring once it has been applied. And while we are St. Louis MO skilled and efficient at installing professional epoxy flooring systems, we also specialize in the skilled and complete removal of epoxy coating. Whether that is to make way for new flooring or to fix a faulty installation, Epoxy Flooring St Louis has your back in all things related to floor coating epoxy.

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How Is Epoxy Floor Removed

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We always recommend that St. Louis MO professionals perform the removal of epoxy floors as the job requires specialized tools and an experienced eye to make sure only the floor coatings epoxy are removed and not the concrete base underneath.

Doing it on your own at home could lead to floor damages and injuries. Our crew at Epoxy Flooring St Louis have years of experience removing epoxy floors, so we have perfected the process for efficient removal.

They remove epoxy using proper equipment and do it with ease.

Solvent bath

If the epoxy floor coating is relatively new and has only recently completed the curing process, a solvent bath can be used to soften the epoxy and slowly remove it. But if your floors are older, the solvent bath will do nothing to remove the epoxy, and so we can just proceed to the next step. If you do not know how old your epoxy floors are, we can conduct an evaluative test of the surface to determine its age.

Epoxy floor grinding

To remove older epoxy floors, specialized grinders are needed to get the job done. At Epoxy Flooring St Louis MO, we use top-of-the-line grinding and shaving tools that can perform delicate and precise work on epoxy floors. Depending on the kind of epoxy system you want to remove, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Cleanup of the removed epoxy is also ensured by our crew, who know how important proper disposal is.

A new epoxy flooring system

If you are removing your epoxy, you may be looking for a replacement flooring system that is better equipped to handle your needs. We can install a professional epoxy solution to newly-grinded floors to help you bridge the gap between flooring systems. With Epoxy Flooring St Louis, you won’t ever need to worry about replacing your floors again.

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Why You Might Need to Remove Your Epoxy

People can choose to remove their epoxy flooring for any number of reasons, the most popular reasons being:

Moving into a new home

When you move into a new home, you also inherit the old flooring of the previous owners. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. But sometimes, you may find old and yellowing epoxy in their garage floor (which is typical of unskilled installations). So though you would like epoxy flooring in the garage, you will first need to remove the existing flooring on the surface. When this is the case, Epoxy Flooring St Louis can come in and remove the epoxy in speedy service.

A sloppy installation of epoxy

There are very few things worse than the disappointment of finding sloppily installed epoxy floors where you expected to see a flawless finish. Whether that is the poor application of epoxy, the yellowing of the topcoat, poor color evenness, or fading in certain patches, the solution is usually the complete upheaval of the flooring. Epoxy Flooring St Louis can come in and remove the epoxy and replace it with one of our A+ epoxy flooring systems.

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