Epoxy Coatings: The Flooring Choice for House Party Hosts

Hosting a party in your own can both be a tedious and rewarding task all at the same time. After all, it always pays to host gatherings that become the source of memorable moments that your friends and loved ones will cherish. If your home is one that was designed for frequent visits and celebrations, Epoxy flooring is its perfect match. In this article, we discuss why this sleek and fuss-free floor coating is an excellent choice for every house party host.

Impermeable and Stain Resistant

If you’ve ever wanted sleek white floors but the fear of leaving wine or food stains is holding you back, Epoxy coatings are your answer. We all know that stains can be a real pain to remove but not with Epoxy floors. A coat of epoxy seals in the porous surface of concrete making it impermeable to liquids and other things that can leave stains. You won’t have to worry about leaving stubborn stains that can leave your floors discolored over time.

Highly Durable and Abrasion Resistant

When guests come over it is expected that foot traffic increases around the house. Your guests might come in heels, loafers or other types of footwear that can be abrasive and leave your floors worn out. Fortunately, epoxy coatings didn’t receive its reputation for anything. Epoxy coated floors are known for its industrial-grade durability. This makes its impact and shock resistant. It is resilient against abrasions from moderate to heavy foot traffic.

Low-Maintenance and Easy to Clean

Throwing parties and gatherings can be quite a job. Especially when it comes to dealing with the aftermath. Keeping your home clean and pristine after a party is one of the most tedious things on your task list. Epoxy floors can make this task a lot easier because of its low-maintenance and easy to clean quality. Food and wine spilled on the floor? Simply wipe it up with a clean cloth or a couple of paper towels. There’s no need for intense scrubbing and vacuuming. For general maintenance, you can mop up with some lukewarm water and a mild cleanser every now and then.

Comes in a variety of Decorative Applications

If you think epoxy flooring compromises style and design for durability and function we’re glad to prove you wrong. Epoxy coated floors come in a variety of decorative applications that are achieved with quartz, vinyl color chips, and metallic pigment. 3D epoxy is also possible to achieve three-dimensional images on floors. You can have floors with marbled or mottling effects with metallic epoxy for jaw-dropping designs that will surely leave your guests in awe.

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