How Much Does It Cost to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

Do you plan to remodel your garage areas with epoxy flooring? But before you plan you need to know first how much? The rates of garage floor epoxy cost St Louis varies depending on where you live. Per square foot, epoxy garage floors cost starts at $3 and so on.

Supply and materials transport dictates the differences in garage epoxy floors’ total price. Initial prices will also depend on what time of the year you will buy the material supply.

In the last quarter of 2020 professional contractors in St Louis recorded a decline in concrete material cost. Now that you know this salient info you can go ahead and start planning. Take advantage of the seasons when materials and supply costs reach a point of decline.

It is wise that you take this opportunity to reconstruct the concrete floors in your properties.

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Average Cost of Epoxy Garage Floor Installation 

As concrete cost favors your budget, you can then use it as an opportunity to avail yourself of the latest and innovative flooring services. Your garage areas might be the ones needing a total to revamp. Use epoxy flooring to uplift the floor’s aesthetic. The epoxy flooring is durable and affordable.

The average epoxy flooring cost St Louis plays around $3 to $8 per square foot. So, if you will install it on a 2 car to 3 car garage area you will need to prepare at least $1,230 – $3,000.

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Can You DIY Epoxy Garage Floor

Now, you will probably think twice about getting a professional to install your epoxy garage. You can cut labor costs if you do it yourself since you will not require to pay expert fees. But wait until you weigh in all the factors:

Ask these to yourself and consider:

  • What is the duration of time for installing epoxy in a large garage area?
  • Where will I get the right tools?
  • Who will supply me with the epoxy materials and products?
  • What if I messed up DIY epoxy?

The latter question will weigh heavily on you. At the end of the process, you need to pay for repair costs when an epoxy fails.

It becomes an additional fee and it doubled the time that had cost you already. Before it will be too late, contact a garage floor epoxy installer in your local area. Ask the expert about other costs to consider and tell them your requirement.

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Design and Material Cost

You can DIY or customize your epoxy flooring design. You can cut costs when you provide your own design. The experts will then help you with how to concretize those visuals into the actual flooring.

Four Types of Epoxy Garage to Consider

You can custom design or use epoxy floors to meet a certain garage floor requirement. Here are the types of epoxy floors best for garages.

  • Pure or clear epoxy
  • Polyester resin (high luster epoxy)
  • Acrylic resin
  • Chip-flake epoxy

Epoxy Garage Resurfacing and Refinishing Costs

Garage floor resurfacing is an investment. It gives a rewarding experience for the property owner. Though you can try DIY epoxy flooring and custom design garages, nothing beats the work of masterful artisans.

The average cost for epoxy floor resurfacing starts at $10 per square foot. But before you close this deal, consider some factors. Ask what is your flooring requirement? Are there repairs to do prior to the refinishing? Wil you DIY floor preparation such as grinding or sanding? Or you will opt for the pros to do every step for you.

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