What’s the Best Floor Coating for My Basement?

The basement is one of the most underappreciated parts of many homes. But come to think of it, this area that’s less valued than others is also one of the most versatile.

If you want to spice up your boring basement and preserve it at the same time, one way to do this is to apply a coating to your concrete flooring. There are many options when it comes to floor coatings, but one that stands out is epoxy. Before looking for expert installers of epoxy basement floor St Louis, let’s examine why it is the best floor coating for you.

When the basement floor is finished and maintained correctly, you can unlock its countless potentials. The basement is excellent for recreation, a workshop, or can be an in-law suite, a guest room, a family room, and more.

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Why Epoxy?

Here are four reasons why epoxy is the best option as a coating for your basement floor:

1- It’s durable and protects your basement floor from the elements.

For starters, epoxy is not a paint product. Like paint, it can coat and color your basement floor, but it does something more than that—it acts as a barrier that shields the flooring material.

It’s waterproofed, impact-resistant, and has a durable finish. The thicker variants protect your basement floor from high-traffic and high-impact activities and prevent potential water damage. Plus, it’s very easy to maintain. It only needs some sweeping while check-up and maintenance are already covered by your professional epoxy flooring installer.

2- It brings your old basement floor back to life.

Epoxy coatings come in a variety of colors such as green, ivory, brown, and red. Apart from that, it can also be customized. Whether you opt for metallic epoxy or 3D floors, you can ask your installer for a stunning visual effect of your choice.

If you plan on placing another flooring material such as carpet or hardwood on top of your concrete basement floor, a few coats of epoxy also helps preserve the concrete surface. The appearance itself can attract anyone to work or chill in your basement.

3- It bonds with concrete very well.

Another benefit of using epoxy coating is its ability to bond with a concrete wall. However, this is only possible if the concrete surface is correctly prepared. That’s why it pays to hire an epoxy basement flooring professional to do the job more efficiently and adequately.

4- It’s more affordable than other coatings in the market.

Compared to other types of flooring in the market, installation costs for epoxy are quite lower. For instance, if we compare epoxy vs. polyurea installation costs, epoxy flooring costs around $3-4 per square foot while polyurea, which is often compared to epoxy for its similarities in appearance and application, costs around $5-7 per square foot when installed.

epoxy floor coating

In Conclusion

Now that you know the main reasons why epoxy is a standout when it comes to basement floor coatings, it’s time to look for the best installers of epoxy basement floor in St Louis. Epoxy is relatively easy to apply on your basement floor. In fact, professionals offer one-day to install floor services. This, however, will still depend on the size of your basement and the type of epoxy coating.

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