Are Epoxy Floors Worth It? Here’s Why It Is!

If epoxy floors are durable and easy to clean, it is indeed worth having. But why do some still hesitate to use epoxy? Are you one of them? If so, let today’s blog with epoxy floors St Louis tell you all the factors to consider. 

You might wonder about the pros and cons of having epoxy for your commercial space and even at your homes. You’ll get answers to all of that next.


Find out other popular concerns about epoxy floors, such as:

  • If epoxy is worth it, how long will the epoxy floor last?
  • Do epoxy floors crack?
  • Can I use epoxy for my home?
  • If damage exists, can I restore epoxy’s surface?
  • Can I epoxy over epoxy?
  • Can I DIY epoxy to save cost?

At first, epoxy’s total price is expensive for you, but it is worth your investment. In the long run, you will not have to mind about repairs. You will not encounter severe damages like cracks, chipping, or flaking. 

Furthermore, if you are managing a business space, epoxy flooring makes creative and artistic flooring designs. Inviting spaces will surely make the audience turn their attention to you. Thus it makes your potential market increase.

epoxy floor coating

Here are the best benefits of epoxy:

  • Epoxy is the best floor coating among garage floors.
  • The epoxy coating protects the garage flooring from grease and oil spills.
  • You can also use epoxy in your homes to create non-skid surfaces.
  • Epoxy using vinyl paint chip additives makes it easy to clean and bacteria-free.
  • The epoxy floor coatings offer chemical resistance, stain resistance, and waterproofing.

How much epoxy now cost?

The national average cost for epoxy floors total cost is around $720 to $4900 for a massive garage area size. 


A floor coating will cost from $3 to $7 per square foot for small areas at homes. 

epoxy floor coating

Epoxy Garage floor Pros and Cons

Before you get satisfied with your epoxy flooring, you might want to with its pros and cons first. Read below to help you figure the disadvantage if you want an epoxy garage floor.


Most garage floors choose clear epoxy coating for their high-gloss, polished appearance. It is also due to the advantage of having a pure solid floor coating. The flooring materials adds traction to the floor. So, even if it looks gleaming, the coating acts as a non-skid surface layer.


The following are the most common challenges that one may encounter with epoxy.


  • Fast cure. Epoxy floor installers in St Louis prides their product for its fast cure installation. However, when a DIYer uses the materials, the floors dry too quickly. It leaves the user no time to control the thickness, design, or amount of the coating. 
  • Strong Scent. Epoxy fumes out a strong chemical scent once it is poured over a surface. So, you need tools and gears to protect yourself while using the epoxy coating.
  • Expensive for minor usage. Garage epoxy floor is costly. It could go over $2300 if you got more than a 3 car garage size. So, it is the reason why it is not worth using epoxy for small areas at home. You must install it for massive spaces. The coating will cover an entire flooring, and so the cost will be worth it.

Not ideal for temporary floors. One might have to use a DIY epoxy top coat to seal the floors for a quick fix. But epoxy is a super adhesive material, and you cannot remove it anytime you want. You need an expert flooring contractor to do that.


There you go, weigh now the benefits versus the problems you may face if you plan on having epoxy floors. These disadvantages should now convince you to rely on professionals to install epoxy flooring. Only then can you experience that the durable decorative floors are indeed an investment.

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