Step by Step Guide to 3D Epoxy Flooring Installation

3d epoxy floors

Just like a mural on the wall, a 3D epoxy flooring decorates your homes and commercial spaces. The floors, today, are now the subject for creativity. People infuse designs on pavements like a big canvas for one’s artistic expressions. With growing contractors and epoxy floor coating suppliers, you can easily have your DIY epoxy floor in your own homes. You can personally design your spaces to save your budget instead of hiring home repairs and other services when investing in a successful business.

If you want the best results, you can start today by contacting an epoxy flooring contractor to get the materials you need and begin with a basic epoxy flooring in your business properties. Then, you can read on this step-by-step guide to make your own 3D epoxy flooring installation in your personal spaces.

Step 1: Choose Your 3D Image- the best choice for residential epoxy flooring

Doing your residential epoxy flooring meets your need for a cost-effective solution for home improvement. Epoxy flooring is more expensive when you hire a flooring contractor who will do all the work on your flooring needs. Most fees only go to the designing and customizing the 3D photo for installing 3D epoxy floors.

Step 2: Getting the Right Scales for 3D Epoxy Floors

After choosing an image that you want, the next thing is to scale the room and the size of the floor. Work with your favorite photo editing application on your computer. Use the one that has an option for editing the photo’s “Perspective”. In this step, what you have to do is get the right perspective of a photo that will fit the size of the room and the area of the floor. Take a photo of your room, capturing the full floor area. Do this with your camera positioned at 90 degrees angle. In the photo editing tool, place the 3D design over the photo of your room and adjust the scales of the 3D image. It should look natural to the overall view of the floor and the room. Then print it to have a final 3D design for your floor mural.

Step 3: Setting the Floor

3d epoxy floors

After printing the design of your floor mural (make sure that it is printed on a material with the same measure of the floor), prepare and condition the surface to be ready for 3D epoxy flooring installation. Check for moistures and vapors inside the room. The floor surface needs to be perfectly dry. See if there are cracks or uneven surfaces that can cause an uneven surface. If you find some flaws, you can scrub and vacuum the floors. Even for metallic epoxy floors, having a well-prepared concrete surface assures you of the best results. The preparation part is vital, so make sure you will not miss a single spot where initial fixes should apply.

Step 4: Primer for Polished Results

Get ready your epoxy flooring kit complete with tools necessary applying the primers, especially if your project is a seamless epoxy flooring in the kitchen. Always use a self-leveling epoxy primer before performing any DIY epoxy coating, especially for garage flooring, to avoid cracks and flaking in the future.

Step 5: Final layers for Prestige Epoxy Floors

Install the 3D mural of your choice after applying the primer. Smoothen the mural image on the surface. Make sure that there are no existing folds and creases then apply two final layers of clear epoxy for the perfect glossy effect. Finish it with a protective coating on top, and you are good to go!

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