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If you’re interested in unique decorative concrete floor systems that will make your property stand out in the best way possible, 3D epoxy floor coatings have built-in designs that are sure to impress anyone who sees them. We specialize in custom 3D epoxy flooring for garage floor, basement floor, and commercial properties that are looking for flooring that does the speaking for them. Whether it is simple abstract designs or customized images, we’ve got your back!

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What Are 3D Epoxy Floors?

3d epoxy floors

Epoxy floor coating is a tried-and-true flooring solution for St Louis residential, commercial, and industrial properties. But did you know they can also be made to be the centerpiece of any space?

3D epoxy floorings are called such because of the unique way designs are added to the floors. Unlike other epoxy garage design styles that have simple 2D designs on the surface of the floor, 3D epoxy coatings are made to look like the designs lie within the actual flooring at a depth. This is done by applying the graphic under multiple coats of clear epoxy, which embeds the image into the floors.

This unique look of an embedded design gives an element of surprise and wonder to people, which is why the technique is perfect for commercial properties and showrooms where the goal is to impress. You can choose from a custom large-scale image, design, or even brand logos for us to use on your concrete floors. At Epoxy Flooring St Louis.

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Epoxy Flooring Benefits


Epoxy floor coatings have always had one thing associated with them: incredible durability. In fact, epoxy floor is so durable, resilient and easy to clean that it is still the most popularly used flooring material in industrial properties and manufacturing plants where strength is king, so you know you can depend on it for your needs, too. For spaces where there is expected high traffic like commercial stores and showrooms, durability in your flooring is important to ensure no dents, scratches, or cracks form on the surface. This will only take away from the beauty of the rest of the space. With a 3D epoxy flooring, you never have to worry about this.

Aesthetic appeal

The sheer visual appeal of 3D epoxy garage floor coating is undeniable. Because the design is embedded into the epoxy, it creates a unique appearance that cannot be mimicked by simply applying a design to the top of a basement or garage floor St. Louis. This special epoxy can do a lot to improve the overall appearance of the space just by being a unique centerpiece for the whole space.

Longevity of design

If you have experienced installing garage floor with so-called “permanent” designs, then we’re sure you know the pain of running into problems with fading and scuffing just a few months later. That’s why 3D epoxy flooring is so special. We can ensure the permanence of their appearance because the design does not just sit on top, but is embedded and therefore protected from all kinds of treatments. You never have to worry about the design lifting, fading, or even breaking away as a sticker would. With 3D epoxy floor coatings, both the design and the material used to protect it have great longevity.


If you’re considering 3D epoxy floors but are worried about the cost it will run you, you will be happy to know that 3D epoxy floors are cost-effective and affordable floors that we can install in just a few days. It can be installed on garage floors, basement floor, lobbies, commercial epoxy flooring and other concrete surfaces. Maintenance is generally low-key with 3D epoxy floors, so the overall epoxy flooring cost of the flooring is relatively low compared to other materials on the St. Louis market.

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