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Epoxy Flooring St Louis, MO Solutions

Epoxy St Louis offers epoxy flooring installation services with exceptional quality. We prioritize endurance and style in every project to ensure customer satisfaction. There’s no substitute for the quality workmanship made under our expert care. That’s a bold claim we’re willing to prove.
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Installation Areas

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities demand concrete floors made for performance and durability. Epoxy floors withstand heavy traffic, abrasions, oils, and chemicals commonly found in warehouses and factories. It’s the only option because of its high endurance.


Long-term storage areas like basements are prone to dust build up and mold overgrowth. Not to mention the creepy crawlers lurking around that add to the mess. To keep your basement easy to clean, an epoxy floor coating is the best option.


As students come and go every year, floors should be built to last like any are of a school. An epoxy coating can endure the constant foot traffic of school floors. It can also be customized for the specific needs of classrooms, gyms, hallways, and cafeterias.


Epoxy floor coatings is an option that exceeds industry standards for health and sanitation. Its seamless quality leaves no crevices for rodents and insects to hide in. It’s low-maintenance and easy to clean even with oils and sauces spilling throughout the day.


Garages take a heavy beating from daily vehicle traffic. Wearing muddy boots while dragging items here and there certainly doesn’t help the situation. Here’s a solution: Garage floor coatings epoxy make a resilient, wear-resistant epoxy garage floor that’s built to last.

Medical Facilities

The specific flooring demands of medical facilities call for epoxy floor coating. It’s seamless and skid-free eliminating safety hazards. Health hazards are also eliminated because of its non-porous and waterproof surface that impedes the growth of bacteria and chemical contamination.

Featured Epoxy Coatings

Metallic Epoxy

Fine metallic pigments are blended into the epoxy resin to achieve an illusion of depth and movement. Metallic epoxy adds boldness to floors without overdoing it. As swirls of fine glitter reflect light at different angles, it gives an air of opulence to any room like garage floors, basements, and other concrete floors.

3D Epoxy

Done by adding an image above the primer and then sealing with two-component epoxy to add dimension to your garage floor and other concrete surfaces. 3D Epoxy coating turn any room into a stunning display of visual art. It’s a decorative concrete flooring that’s impervious to damage and normal wear and tear.

Flake Epoxy

Vinyl chip colors are placed above the base coat prior to application of the epoxy topcoat. Flake epoxy flooring have the most versatile design when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Safe enough to complement any area like garage floors, it’s a choice for those who don’t prefer a solid monochrome color.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor

About Our Company

We offer decorative concrete resurfacing epoxy floor services in and around the Saint Louis city : St. Charles, Ladue, Wildwood, Clayton, Ballwin, Manchester, and more! We extend our professional expertise as the leading decorative concrete epoxy flooring contractor in the city. Every project is a chance to improve the lives and working operations of our clients. We achieve this by providing St. Louis epoxy garage floor coatings executed with detail and care.

Using only top-of-the-line equipment and high-grade materials for installing epoxy floors, we make sure that our work is a statement of quality. We involve our clients as much as we can by explaining processes in detail from start to finish. Making sure we incorporate their ideas in every step we take. Our goal is to achieve client satisfaction through exceptional work ethic you won’t find from other contractors.

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